View Full Version : Carb Issue?

11-01-2009, 08:55 AM
I have a 68 Javelin w/343 4 bbl and it has a clear fuel filter. Originaly when i got the car a previous owner installed a electric fuel pump on the fender in the engine compartment. I knew thats not a good place for one, so i removed it and installed a new cam driven factory type fuel pump and removed the electric. It runs fine but my question is why does the fuel evacuate the fuel filter after the engine is shut down? Is there possibly an issue with the carb? The engine takes a lot of cranking to get fuel back up to the carb after its been sitting a few hours. It did this with the electric pump also but with it you could turn the ignition until the pump changed tempo and the engine would fire almost instantly. Any Ideas??? The Carb is an aftermarket 600cfm Edelbrock.