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1969 AMX 500 Special


An authentic AMX 500 Special

In 1969, members of the Southern California Dealers Association teamed up to make the 1969 "500 Special" AMX.

1969 Big Bad Green AMX's were used as a promotion in conjunction with the PPG Indy Car series. These cars were adorned with two plaques, 500 Special Plaquesone placed on each hood blister, to make them "Special". The idea was a 500 Special would be used as a Pace Car and each dealer in the association would have replicas to sell on their showrooms. But only a very few would actually pace the races.

The plaques are brass plated and measure approximately 1" x 4". Crossed racing flags and the words 500 Special are recessed in the casting and painted black.

500 Special

Due to incomplete dealer records exact numbers of AMX California 500 Specials are not known. It is widely believed, however, that all were / are 1969 AMX's in Big Bad Green with black Go-Pak Stripes and Saddle (tan) leather interiors. They were all fully loaded with factory options that included the 390, Automatic, Go-Pak, Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, Tilt Wheel, Rally Wheels, Tinted Windows, Radio, Light Group, Visibility Group and Leather Interior. Dealer installed options were also available.

The exact number of 500 Specials made is not known. However, with a total production of only 283 1969 Big Bad Green AMX's, a 500 Special is truly a rare find.


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