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American Motors eXperimental

Big Bad AMX in 1969

The Big Bads

The Big Bad Colors....
Big Bad Blue, Big Bad Orange and Big Bad Green.

The original Big Bad color paint codes and their actual color "names" are:
Code # P-2 "Brite Blue"
Code # P-3 "Orange"
Code # P-4 "Jade Green"

These bright racy colors are best described on page one in the factory brochure:


Who's afraid of the Big Bad Colors?

"Obviously American Motors isn't. Because they've really gone way out with three color concoctions that will make your eyes do double takes. They're called the Big Bad Colors: Big Bad Orange, Big Bad Green and Big Bad Blue. They happen on the new Javelins and AMXs, from bumper to bumper ... including the bumpers. And they're the boldest street machine skin covers since candy apple anythings and red lead primer.

Big Bad Orange means "Instant Parade" wherever you take your Javelin or AMX. And the shadows lurking in the background give you a pretty fair idea of what the other two Big Bads are all about too; the Big Bad Green and the Big Bad Blue.

You have to realize there's a lot more to the Big Bad Colors than just the colors. But then, if you like getting a lot of attention ... being the center of attraction and drawing crowds ... then you know what the Big Bad Colors are all about".


Big Bad Magazine Ad - provided by Mike & Ginny Nightengale

The $34.00 Big Bad Color option included body colored painted bumpers, rear bumper guards and stainless steel front bumper trim running just below the grill. A Big Bad colored AMX could be ordered with any engine / transmission option, with or without stripes. With the Go-Pack you had the choice of black or white stripes.
With only 195 Big Bad Blue, 283 Big Bad Green and 284 Big Bad Orange AMXs produced they were rare even when new, now they are valued at approximately 25% more than a "standard" color AMX.

See also: "500 Special"AMX.

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"Pride of Kenosha"
Automotive Fine Art of Artist Michael Irvine