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1971 AMX Two Seat Proto-type


1971 2-seater AMX

Dick Teague had hoped the two-concept would be continued through 1971. Prohibitive production costs for an all-new car prompted Teague to create an updated two-seater out of his personal 1968 AMX company car. Grafting 1971 fenders and front end from an earlier styling proposal onto a production 1968 AMX created a vehicle that he would present to the company heads in an effort to continue 2-seater production. Though it would ultimately be denied, the 1971 prototype he created left us with a glimpse of what could have been. The car is pictured above in a 1969 factory photo. The photos below show the car as it exists today. It is owned by AMC enthusiast and AMO officer Mike Spangler. He has restored the car and regularly shows it. Thank you for sending in the photos.

The 1971 2-seater AMX prototype

The 1971 2-seater AMX prototype

But what if the AMX 2 seater had continued to 1974?

An AMC hobbyist has created a version of what we may have seen in 1974. His story and photo about his modified AMX, the "WHATIFAMX" is below:

1974 2-seater AMX

I am sending you pictures of my 1968 AMX #2990. But it is a bit odd in that it has been converted into my idea of what Dick Teague may have modified his 68 AMX into next if his proposal for the 1971 2 seater had been approved for production. So it is my idea of what the 1974 AMX 2 seater may have looked like if it had been produced.

1974 2-seater AMX

A 1974 Javelin rear end was grafted onto this 68 AMX. This was not an easy mod. The return of the "GO Pak" twin over the top stripes should have happened. The stripes were double width as was the trend for the 70s.

The replica Teague 71 AMX 2 seater prototype hood scoop was used. The strip theme diverged into a modified Bumble bee stripe at the front of the hood.

The profile view ties it all together. I still need to install the Trendsetter side pipe covers ala Teague's 71 AMX 2 seater prototype. Later.

A stock bore 401 with 291C heads, mild cam, Edelbrock AirGap RPM manifold and 750 cfm carb, headers, and a vintage Group 19 Mallory dual point distributor are under the hood.

I really enjoyed seeing the Teague 71 AMX 2-seater prototype (my car's inspiration) in person at the Atlanta AMO 2005 Internats in July.

To see more pictures of this car click here. Or to go to its official website here.



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