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1972 Javelin AMX


1972 Javelin AMX


A 1971 Javelin AMX, track-modified and driven by Mark Donohue, has won consistently in the tough Trans-Am road races.

Leaving drivers of other American sporty cars gasping. Consistently.

This year, we've added even more to our AMX from what we've learned by winning Trans-Am races.

Javelin gives you a choice of six engines and four transmissions.

And now available with 6-cylinder and V-8 engines, optional ventilated-rotor front disc brakes (manual or power.) You don't have to race to know what that says about our engines.

Rocker arms on our 6-cylinder and V-8 engines use new "cylindrical" bearings for quieter valve train operation and longer service.

Front suspension has a new "zero-lash" ball-joint that hangs tough.

So if you're going to buy a sporty car in '72, buy one that's going places.



Curved instrument panel. Standard AMX 3-spoke 15" steering wheel (optional on SST)



Standard power for AMX is the 304 CID (available on SST) Two versions of the 360 CID, plus a 401 CID are also available, including AMX "Go" packages with cold-air carburetor induction.






Console mounted gear selector for new Torque-Command automatic transmission.


Combination tachometer/clock (Tick-Tach.) Part of optional Rally-Pac instruments for V-8's. And with "Go" package. Also optional 8-track stereo tape player with manual radio and 2 rear speakers.


Optional 15" x 7" slot-style wheels with E60 x 15 Polyglas tires. Part of "Go" Package for 360 or 401 CID V-8 engines.


1972 Javelin Specifications and Options

  • Wheelbase 110"
  • Length 191.8"
  • Width 75.2"
  • Front tread for Sixes 59.3", V-8's 59.7"
  • Rear tread 60.0"
  • Trunk space 10.2 cu. ft. (AMX 12.2)
Exterior & Interior
  • All-welded single unit construction (Advanced Unit Construction)
  • Deep-Dip rust proofing
  • Front seat foam cushions
  • Fiber-Glass Ceiling Headliner
  • Front & rear arm rests
  • Interior lights
  • Glove box lock
  • Dual horns
Mechanical Dimensions
  • Front suspension, twin ball joint design with coil springs
  • Front suspension sway bar (optional on 6)
  • Rear suspension, semi-elliptical leaf springs
  • All-Season engine coolant (-34 degrees F. Protection)
  • Clear-Power battery
  • Aluminized exhaust system (duals standard with 401 V-8)
  • Brake diameter, Sixes 9", V-8s 10"
  • Fuel tank capacity 16 gallons
Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Weather-Eye heating & ventilating system
  • High-level ventilation system with opt. air cond.
Safe-Command Standard Features
  • Seat belts
  • Two front shoulder belts
  • Two rear shoulder-belt anchors
  • Two front head restraints
  • 4-Way hazard warning signals
  • Lane-changer turn signals
  • Automatic back-up lights
  • Side-of-car safety marker lights
  • High-intensity headlights with "Guard-Glo"
  • Inside rear-view mirror with twin ball-joint pivots
  • Left side rear-view mirror (and right side for AMX)
  • 2-Speed Electric Windshield Wipers & Non-Glare Blades
  • Electric Windshield Washers
  • Windshield defrosters (heater)
  • Single-unit body construction
  • Energy-absorbing steering column
  • Deep-dish steering wheel
  • High-Strength Seat Tracks and Anchorages
  • Resilient Front-Seat Backs
  • Guard-Rail Doors (Javelin)
  • High-Strength Windshield Glass
  • Tempered side & rear glass
  • Molded ceiling headliner
  • Padded sun visors
  • Safety-Styled and Padded Instrument Panel
  • Safety-Shaped Instrument Panel Knobs and Armrests
  • Non-glare finish on inside parts
  • Double-Safety brake system
  • Brake system warning light
  • Self-adjusting brake linings
  • Mechanical stop-light switch
  • Corrosion-resistant brake lines and fittings
  • Safety-rim wheels
  • Tire tread-wear indicators
  • Anti-theft ignition, steering & transmission lock with warning buzzer (less transmission lock some floor-shift models)
  • High-strength door locks and hinges
  • Safety-shaped door handles
  • Two-key locking system
  • Safety-shaped control knobs
  • Front seat-back lock
  • Dual-action hood latch
Standard Tires
  • C78 x 14 Black (white-twin-line optional) on Sixes
  • D78 x 14 Black (white-twin-line optional) on V-8's
  • E70 x 14 Black with white letters on AMX
  • E60 x 15 Black with white letters on AMX
Air-Pollution Control Systems
  • Exhaust Emission Control System
  • Fuel-Tank Vapor Emission Control System
  • Positive Crankcase Ventilation System
  • NITROX-TCS System . . . transmission controlled spark to reduce nitrogen oxides (Standard on California cars. Optional for other states )
  • All engines run with regular-leaded fuel, low-lead or no-lead fuels of 91 octane or higher (with no-lead, use regular-leaded fuel every 4th tank fill)


Vinyl Roof
  • Vinyl covered roof, black, white, green, brown & blue
  • Bucket Seats - Fabric
  • Bucket Seats - Vinyl
Performance (see "Engine" & "Transmission/Axle Ratio" Charts)
  • AMX 360 or 401 "Go" package (1)
  • Dual exhaust system for 360-4 barrel (standard on 401)
  • V-8 Rally-Pac (oil pressure gauge, ammeter, combo tack & clock, 140 MPH speedometer)
  • Twin-Grip differential (recommended with performance equip., req'd, option with 3.91 axle)
  • 20:1 Quick-ratio manual steering
  • 16:1 Quick-ratio manual steering (recommended only for special performance/racing)
  • Front lower spoiler on AMX (rear spoiler standard on AMX only)
Power Assist
  • Power steering (recommended with air conditioning)
  • Power drum brakes
  • Power disc brakes, front (V-8 only)
  • Manual disc brakes, front (V-8 only)
  • Power brakes
Radio & Tape Equipment
  • AM push-button radio
  • AM/FM push-button radio
  • AM/FM multi-plex stereo push-button radio & 2 speakers
  • Rear speaker for AM radio
  • Stereo tape player with manual AM radio & 2 speakers
Convenience Items
  • Console (included with Console-Shift Torque-Command)
  • Armrest & center cushion
  • Storage / Litter Pouches (Front Doors)
  • Air conditioning (includes H.D. engine cooling & 55 amp, alternator)
  • Tinted glass, all windows (recommended with air conditioning) or windshield only
  • Trunk lid rack (SST)
  • Adjust-O-Tilt steering wheel
  • Visibility group
  • Light group
  • Deluxe Variable or 3-speed Electric windshield wipers
  • Headlights-off delay system
  • Space-Saver spare tire (included with spoke or Slot-Style wheels)
Protection Items
  • Bumper guards-front & rear
  • Insulation group, includes undercoating & hood insulation
  • Anti-scuff side molding (not with optional rally stripe)
  • Clear vinyl floor mats, front and rear
Appearance Items
  • Custom Steering Wheel, 2-Spoke
  • Sports Steering Wheel, 3-Spoke
  • Wheel Covers
  • Custom Wheel Covers
  • Turbo-Disc Wheel Covers
  • Spoke-Style Wheels--Four, 14" x 6"
  • Slot-Style Wheels--Four, 14" x 6" (Std. on AMX)
  • Slot-Style Wheels--Four, 15" x 7" (V-8)
Heavy-Duty 6 Trailer Equipment
  • Handing package--6 cyl. (heavy-duty springs & shocks, plus front sway bar)
  • Trailer towing package No. 1 (25)
  • Heavy-duty engine cooling system (included with air conditioning)
  • 70 Amp. battery
  • Engine block heater
  • D78 x 14 Black (white-twin-line optional) standard on V-8's
  • E78 x 14 Black (white-twin-line optional)
  • E70 x 14 Black with white letters (standard on AMX)
  • E60 x 15 Black with white letters

1972 Javelin AMX Engine Information

1972 AMX

Std. 304
Single Ext.
Opt. 360 V-8
Single Ext.
Opt. 360
Dual Ext.
Opt. 401
Dual Ext.
Bore and Stroke

3.75" x 3.44"

4.08" x 3.44"

4.08" x 3.44"

4.17" x 3.68"

Compression Ratio





Maximum Brake Horse Power

150@4200 RPM

175@4000 RPM

220@4400 RPM

255@4600 RPM

Maximum Torque

245@2500 RPM

285@2400 RPM

315@3100 RPM

345@3300 RPM

Rec. Fuel






Axle Ratios Std. (Opt.)

Axle Ratios Std. (Opt.)

Axle Ratios Std. (Opt.)

Axle Ratios Std. (Opt.)

Torque-Command Auto on column

2.87 (3.15) SST

2.87 (3.15) SST

2.87 (3.15) SST


Torque-Command Auto on console

2.87 (3.15)

2.87 (3.15)

2.87 (3.15)**


3-Speed Manual on floor
(Std. AMX)

3.54 (3.15)




4-Speed Manual on floor





**For Javelin AMX with Combination of Auto. Trans. & "Go" Package 360-4B., 3:15 Std., 2.87 Opt.;
401-4B., 3.15 Std. (2.87 & 3.54 Opt.) California cars use 3.54 (no options). NOTES..Twin-Grip differential is optional with all axle ratios (must be ordered with 3.91 ratio). Other ratios purchaseable in kit form through AM Dealers; 3.73, 3.91 (also factory option), 4.10, 4.44 and 5.00.

1972 Exterior Color Availability for Javelin and Javelin AMX
"Lustre-Gard" Acrylic Enamel (Triple-Coated, Baked-On Finish)


Snow White


Stardust Silver


Jetset Blue


Admiral Blue


Surfside Turquoise


Grasshopper Green


Hunter Green


Jolly Green


Yuca Tan


Baja Brown


Cordoba Brown


Canary Yellow


Trans-Am Red


Sparkling Burgandy


Wild Plum


Classic Black (OPT.)

Classic AMX Club International


NOS AMC AMX and Javelin Parts


"Pride of Kenosha"
Automotive Fine Art of Artist Michael Irvine