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1973 AMC Javelin AMX

AMX. The ultimate Javelin.

You'll find things like a 304 CID V-8, slot-style wheels, deck-mounted spoiler, engine turned dash panel and a 3-spoke sports steering wheel - all standard. But you can take your AMX a step beyond.

By adding things like our no-nonsense 401 CID V-8 and a Rally-Pac instrument package. Put it all together and you've got the toughest Javelin ever to come down the pike.

And no matter which Javelin you buy, it's covered by our exclusive Buyer Protection Plan.

We back them better because we build them better.


1973 AMC Javelin AMX Pierre Cardin Interior


The most unique Javelin interior of all. Our "Cardin" custom fabric interior. You get "Cardin" trim on the bucket seats, door panels, and headliner as pictured here. Plus distinctive "Cardin" emblems.


1973 AMC Javelin AMX steering wheel


15" x 7" slot-style wheels. Available only with E60 x 15 tires. A finishing performance touch.


1973 AMC Javelin AMX engine



Our optional 401 CID V-8 4barrel. For those of you who are performance minded. Because. when you need power -- this engine delivers it. Smoothly. Quickly.


1973 AMC Javelin AMX 4-speed shifter



Our 4-speed manual transmission with Hurst floor shift. For 360 CID V-8 4-barrel or 401-CID V-8. Rugged. And fully-synchromeshed.


1973 AMC Javelin AMX dash



Our Rally-Pac instrument package. With ammeter gauge, oil gauge, tachometer/clock "tick-tach" and 140-mph speedometer. (Engine turned dash panel on AMX only.)


1973 AMC Javelin AMX AM 8-Track stereo



Stereo tape player with manual AM radio, two door speakers, and two rear speakers. Puts you in the middle of the music.


1973 JAVELIN and AMX - What you get as Standard Equipment:

Safe-Command Standard Features

  • Steel guard-rail in each door.
  • New stronger front and rear bumpers with steel-reinforced rubber bumper guard.
  • Single-unit body construction.
  • Energy-absorbing steering column.
  • New captive engine mounts.
  • Auto-Loc seat belts with quieter warning buzzer.
  • Two front shoulder belts.
  • Two front head restraints.
  • Double-safety brake system.
  • Brake system warning light.
  • Self-adjusting brake linings.
  • Corrosion-resistant brake lines.
  • New safety-shaped horn bar.
  • Glove box lock.
  • 4-way hazard warning signals.
  • Side marker lights.
  • Left-side rear-view mirror.
  • Non-glare wiper blades.
  • 2-speed electric windshield wipers.
  • Electric windshield washers.
  • Anti-theft ignition, steering, and transmission lock. (No trans. lock on floorshift.)
  • Safety-shaped arm rests, up front.
  • Padded instrument panel and sun visors.
  • High-strength door locks.
  • Safety-shaped door handles.
  • 2-key locking system.
  • Dual-action hood latch.
  • Positive crankcase ventilation.
  • Tire wear indicators.
  • Extra-strength door hinges
    Additional standard features:

  • Engine-232 CID Six--Javelin.
  • Engine-304 CID V-8--AMX.
  • New slim-shell bucket seats for more rear-seat leg room.
  • Full-synchromesh 3-speed manual transmission.
  • Custom steering wheel on Javelin. Sports steering wheel on AMX.
  • Deck-mounted spoiler on AMX. Not available on Javelin.
  • Sporty new hub caps on Javelin.
  • Slot-style wheels on AMX.
  • Deep-dip rustproofing.
  • Body sound insulation on floor.
  • Baked-on acrylic enamel paint.
  • Steady, twin ball-joint front suspension.
  • Quiet, ventless side windows.
  • Dual horn.
  • Distinctive new grille for Javelin.
  • Advanced exhaust/emission controls.
  • Color-keyed carpeting.
  • Ash tray, front and rear.
  • Anti-smog devices.
  • Weather-Eye heating system.
  • Sway-bar up front. V-8 only.
  • Full-flow oil filter.
  • Special carburetor air cleaner.
  • Cigarette lighter.
  • Two coat hooks.
  • Single, Hi-Intensity headlights.
  • Dual-action hood latch



  • Wheelbase 110"
  • Stance: 59.3 in. front, 60 in. rear (Javelin); 59 in. front, 60 in. rear (AMX).
  • Trunk space 10.2 cu. ft.
  • Fuel tank: 16 gallons.

Optional equipment.
  • "Cardin" fabric trim: on seats, door panels, and headliners, plus front fender emblems.
  • All-season air conditioning. Includes heavy-duty engine cooling system, 50-amp battery, 51-amp alternator.
  • Sports steering wheel, 3-spokes. Standard on AMX.
  • Wheel covers. Javelin only.
  • Custom wheel covers. Javelin only.
  • Spoke-style wheels, 14"x6".
  • Console with all floor shifts, manual or automatic.
  • Center armrest and center cushion.
  • Stowage/litter pouch in each door.
  • Tinted glass, all windows. Recommended with air conditioning.
  • Tinted windshield. Power steering.
  • Power brakes. Power disc brakes, front.
  • Manual disc brakes, front.
  • Adjust-0-Tilt steering wheel.
  • Luggage rack for rear deck. Not available on AMX. Rear window defogger.
  • Inside hood release.
  • Light group. You get a trunk light, two courtesy lights, map light, glove box light, parking brake warning light, and headlights-on warning buzzer.
  • Deluxe electric wipers.
  • Visibility group. Includes remote control left outside mirror, visor vanity mirror, inside hood release, deluxe electric wipers, and electric clock.
  • Space-saver spare tire for Javelin
  • Twin-grip differential.
  • 360 "Go" package. You get a 360 CID V-8 4-barrel engine, hood "T" stripe decal, black paint in rear panel, rally-pac instruments, handling package, cowl-air carburetor induction system, heavyduty engine cooling, twin-grip differential, power disc brakes, E60x15 Polyglas, tires with raised white letters, slot-style steel wheels with Space-Saver spare tire. For AMX only.
  • 401 "Go" package. Same as above except you get a 401 CID V-8
  • Front Spoiler. Available only on AMX with disc brakes.
Audio Options
  • AM push-button radio.
  • AM/FM push-button multi-plex stereo radio with two door speakers and two rear speakers.
  • Rear Speaker. With AM radio only.
Exterior Options
  • A non-standard Javelin color.
  • Vinyl roof in black, white, blue, green, and cinnamon.
  • Rally side stripes.
  • Hood "T" stripe.
Heavy-duty options.
  • Heavy-duty engine cooling system. Includes heavy-duty radiator, power-flex fan and fan shroud
  • Heavy-duty 70-amp battery.
  • Engine block heater (600 watt).
  • Handling package. Includes heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers, plus front sway-bar with 6-cylinder engine.
Protection Options
  • Insulation group. Includes undercoating and hood insulation.
  • Protection group. Includes stainless steel door edge guards, and color-keyed vinyl floor mats.
  • Vinyl body-side scuff molding. Not available with rally stripes.
Tire Specifications
  • D78 x 14 Black (white-line optional) on Sixes
  • E78 x 14 Black (white-line optional) on V-8's
  • E70 x 14 Black with white letters on AMX
  • E78 x 14 Belted Black (White line optional)
  • E60 x 15 Belted Black with white letters optional on V-8's and AMX. N/A on sixes.
  • FR70 x 14 Radial White Line optional on V-8's and AMX. N/A on sixes.


Javelin AMX Engine Information


1973 AMX

Std. 304 V-8
Single Ext.
Opt. 360 V-8
Single Ext.
Opt. 360
Dual Ext.
Opt. 401
Dual Ext.
Bore and Stroke

3.75" x 3.44"

4.08" x 3.44"

4.08" x 3.44"

4.165" x

Compression Ratio





Maximum Brake Horse Power (net)

150@4200 RPM

175@4000 RPM

220@4400 RPM

255@4600 RPM

Maximum Torque (net)

245@2500 RPM

285@2400 RPM

315@3100 RPM

345@3300 RPM

Rec. Fuel

All '73 engines run on regular-leaded, low-lead or no-lead fuels (with no-lead, use regular-leaded fuel every 4th tank fill for V-8 engines).


Axle Ratios Std. (Opt.)

Axle Ratios Std. (Opt.) Axle Ratios Std. (Opt.) Axle Ratios Std. (Opt.)
Torque-Command Auto on console

2.87 (3.15)

2.87 (3.15)

2.87 (3.15)**

(3.15 & 3.54)**

3-Speed Manual on floor
(Std. AMX)

3.54 (3.91)




4-Speed Manual on floor





**For Javelin AMX with Torque-Command & "Go" Package
360-4B., 2:87 Std., 3.15 Opt.;
401-4B., 2.87 Std. (3.15 & 3.54 Opt.).

1973 Exterior Color Availability for Javelin and Javelin AMX
"Lustre-Gard" Acrylic Enamel (Triple-Coated, Baked-On Finish)


Snow White


Diamond Blue, Metallic


Olympic Blue, Meallic


Maxi Blue


Grasshopper Green


Fairway Green (Met.)


Tallyho Green (Met.)


Pewter Silver (Met.)


Fawn Beige


Copper Tan (Met.)


Cordoba Brown (Met.)


Daisy Yellow


Trans-Am Red


Vineyard Burgandy (Met.)


Fresh Plum (Met.)


Classic Black (OPT.)

Classic AMX Club International


NOS AMC AMX and Javelin Parts


"Pride of Kenosha"
Automotive Fine Art of Artist Michael Irvine