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American Motors eXperimental

AMX II Prototype

From CAR LIFE May, 1969

AMX II is, at the present, only a model - albeit a full-sized model, and by the time this reaches print will have been seen by American Motors stockholders, and by visitors at the Chicago and New York International Auto Shows. Sometime in the very near future, if not already, the AMX/2 will become a working proto-type, complete with an American Motors V-8 mounted amidships. Specifications for the model, and presumably the working prototype, are 105-in. wheelbase and 172.5 in. overall length; 59/60-in. track front/rear with an overall width of 70.4 in.; and a height of 43 in. No target weight for the prototype has been announced, but inasmuch as many production components will be used, we would guess 3000 lb. dry with a 40/60 front/rear weight distribution.


The cutaway drawing below is strictly an artist's impression and bears only a superficial resemblance (we think) to the final version. CAR LIFE considers it to American Motors' credit that the displayed "final" version is unique, and owes little to any existing mid-engined coupe from any competitor. It would be only too easy to have been influenced by the Mangusta, Miura, Chaparral, Lola, Ford Mach 11 or, the Corvette/Astro-Vette styling. Under AM styling chief Dick Teague's watchful eye, the AMX/2 can claim not only individuality, but a great step forward in projecting the new image of American Motors.

AMX/2 Cutaway

American Motors spokesmen admit that a running version will soon be tested, but will make no private or public statement about the car's future. CAR LIFE sources in Detroit indicate that both Ford and GM are considering a mid-engined sports/GT car for limited production and that both the GM car (the Astro-Vette) and the AMX/2 are slated for 1971 introduction.


So where is the AMX/2 today?


Pictures and information
submitted by Jerry A. Beck II

The AMX/2 is currently owned by Pat Ryan.
See and

The AMX/2 was AMC's Internal design bureau's entry into the call from AMC for designs for a mid-engined 2-seat sports car. The proto-type made the major shows in 1969 and hardly anyone believed that stodgy old AMC designed it.
This car was found on top of a pole in front of a used car dealership. The car has a fake interior, just two headrests and a section of steering wheel really. The window tint is such that from more than one foot away you can't tell that it isn't a "real" car. This is a real one-of-a kind. The car has recently undergone a full restoration bringing it back to its original beauty and splendor.
It has been too long since we (the AMC community at large) have not had access to this bit of our history. Lots of pics and some descriptions:


Rear of car the /2s are not yet in place but will be.

AMX/2 Engine

The fake plastic motor, note the bizarre spark plug position, indicating to me that they were considering a Wankel as described in some magazines.

Picture of the wheel. The front two were engraved with the following sequence 7E158-7 and what looks like a stopsign with a line thru it with 111 above the line and 39 below it. These wheels are real magnesium and the Blue-Streak Goodyears are irreplaceable new originals.

AMX/2 rear

Lower rear valance.

AMX/2 Drivers door

Closeup of side mirror and missing chrome around side window. This chrome was screwed in place by a previous owner and you can kind of see one of the holes in the body here.

AMX/2 Fuel Cell

Fake fuel cell in front.


This car is LOW! I didn't measure, but the car on jackstands isn't as tall as the Mustang that was in the same garage.



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