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AMX owner 1

LD Howard is the first to send a photo of his 1969 AMX 390 4-speed, Go-Pack. The stripes,wheels and the shifter are the only things not factory on this car. The car has 140,000. miles on it and it still out runs most of the local guys.

AMX owner 1 picture 2
New photo's of LD's 1969 AMX!


AMX owner 2

I have lusted after one of these since 1976, and this year I got to purchase my first! It is a 1968 AMX, Go-Pak, 390, 4 speed, Tilt, and (ouch) manual steering. Love this car!


AMX owner 3

HARD HAT AREA! She was parked in the barn for 10 years. There was so much green mold you could not see the white stripes. I have owned her for 13 years. She is now cruzin' the roads again. AMX Dash #3557, 390, automatic, and she has 47,500 original miles. Paint and body next it is one step at a time. We bought our first new AMX in 1970, 360, Lime Gold, AMX in St. Petersburg, FL. We sold it in 1980. It was looked like the one on the AMX files, it makes me home sick. I would love to hear from other 1968, 1969, 1970 AMX owners.


AMX owner 4

I am in heaven! This is my "new" 1970 AMX. It is an original Big Bad Blue (numbers match), although it has been repainted without the original white c-stripe. It has 4 speed manual transmission, a/c, 390, go pack, tilt wheel and am/fm. My first AMC was a 1973 Javelin AMX with a 360 4-speed and Go-Pack. I have wanted another bad-ass AMC ever since I got rid of that one, and now I finally have it!


AMX owner 5

My name is Larry Craft, (Oregon) I'm the proud owner of this 1968 AMX !!!!!!! :) I purchased it from my dad who had it 5 years (that's right, bought not given to..he he). It has the 390 with GO PAK, automatic, tilt steering, very nice inside and out. The only things not original are the mags, steering wheel, and paint. Production# on dash reads 1016 and the mileage is a little over 43000 miles, but not sure if that is actual or not. P.S Love this web page!!!


AMX owner 6

Here are two pictures of my AMX taken at the Speedway Spectacular/Return to Daytona car show in March. My car is in Cocoa, Fl right now having the engine rebuilt (with a few extras) and the engine compartment detailed. Absolute great web site in presentation and content.
Curtis Mann


AMX owner 7

This is a 1970 AMX. It has 70,000 Miles. It has the Go and Rally pack. 390 engine only 30,000 on it. Original owner and is Glen Green (also original color) with original white c-stripe. Has a 290 rear end in it (Red lines at 140mph) and we still have the original 390 rear (Red lines at 110). Still in process of Restoring it to full condition.


AMX owner 8

1969 Bittersweet Orange AMX go pack equipped. 390 engine R4B intake manifold, Headers, flowmaster dual exhaust, 750 holley carb, T10 Hurst 4-speed. It's a constant work in progress and lots of fun.


AMX owner 9

My name is Bob Kenworthy and I am a member of the Rocky Mt. AMC club. I own a 1970 AMX, it is a factory Big Bad Green w/shadow mask but it is now silver and black. The car has a 390ci with the BW auto and the AMX number is 21415 it was a Jan. 1970 build. Keep up the good work on the web site.


AMX owner 10

Don sends this picture of his beautiful 1968 AMX

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