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Door Glass Adjustment AMX and Javelin Series


Minor adjustment of the front door glass can be performed without removing the door trim or hardware.

Access to the front and rear guide channel attaching screws and the front and rear up stops is provided which allows external adjustment of these assemblies.

The front guide channel can be adjusted up or down and in or out by loosening the attaching screws located on the hinge side of the door inner panel and moving the assembly in the desired direction.

The rear guide channel can be adjusted in or out at both the top and bottom attachments. To gain access to the rear guide channel adjustment, remove the plugs located under the door sealer rubber at lockside. Loosen the guide channel attaching screws and move the channel in the desired direction.

NOTE: To loosen the rear guide channel attaching screws, use a thin wall 1/2" drive socket. Tape the socket on to the extension to prevent the socket from falling down inside the door.

The front door glass rear up stop can be adjusted up or down to limit the glass travel to the desired height. Access to this adjustment is through the top hole under the sealer rubber at lockside.

The front up stop located at the top of the front guide channel can be adjusted up or down to provide the desired upward travel of the glass. To gain access to the front up stop adjustment screw, lower the door glass to the full down position. Use a 7/16" box wrench inserted through the opening between the door inner and outer panels to loosen, adjust and tighten the stop attaching screw.

Whenever a major adjustment is required that cannot be obtained with the externally accessible adjustments provided, the door hardware, trim and water dam paper must be removed.

Prior to attempting door glass alignment, adjust or verify the door alignment with the body opening.

To perform a major adjustment of the door glass and components it is advisable to loosen off the adjustable component attaching screws just enough that they will move freely. Raise the glass to the full up position. With the door closed shift the door glass manually until the desired fit in the opening is obtained. Hold the glass in this position and tighten all component. Move the two up travel stops into position and tighten. Lower the glass until the top edge of the glass is flush with the top of the door panels and set the down stop into position and tighten.

Individual adjustments of the various components are provided as shown in the diagram. Door Glass Adjustment Diagram


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