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American Motors eXperimental

AMX Virtual Drive-In Theater Information and Entrance


These American Motors promotional films are brought to you in their entirety in the AMX Drive-In Theater. And since a drive-in wouldn't seem like a drive-in without a sonic drag race and honking horns those are here too, just move your mouse over each taillight on the Big Bad Green AMX to activate them. So head to your Snack Bar, grab some munchies, your favorite beverage, turn down the lights, then sit back and enjoy these AMC Marketing Films, Television Commercials, and rare film footage in the AMX Virtual Drive-In Theater.

Now Playing:
1966-1967 Commercials and brief Intermission
1968 Javelin Breed
runtime: Approx 28 min.

For the best viewing experience it is highly recommended that you set your screen resolution to 800x600, then set your browser to full screen by pressing the F11 key. If you're a new computer user, or are just not sure how, follow the simple steps below to set your screen's resolution.

These steps are not required but as you can see from these screen shots the settings for the bottom image make for a more enjoyable display.

Skip these steps and go straight to the Drive-In. Go >

AMX Drive-In 1440x900

AMX Drive-In 800x600

Step 1)

Minimize any open windows so you can see your desktop. Then Right-Click on your desktop and a shortcut menu will pop-up. At the bottom of the menu you will see 'Properties'. Left-Click on 'Properties'.


Step 2)

The 'Display Properties' window will appear. Click on the 'Settings' tab.


Step 3)

Locate the 'Screen Resolution' slide bar. Take note of your current settings, you'll be setting this back when your done viewing the films. Now just slide the bar to the left to 800x600. Then click 'Apply'. You'll see the screen flicker for a moment as your screen resizes to 800x600.


Step 4)

Click 'OK'. Return to the Drive-In Theater page.


Step 5)

Once in the Drive-In Theater press the 'F11' key on your keyboard to extend the window to Fullscreen mode. Fullscreen can also be activated through the Menu Bar. Click on View which will show a menu, then click Fullscreen.


Step 5)

Now that you're in Fullscreen, just click on the Play arrow and Enjoy!

AMX Drive-In 800x600

Step 6)

Repeat 1-4 to reset to your previous settings.

All done! Let's enter the AMX Virtual Drive-In Theater. Go >



Classic AMX Club International


NOS AMC AMX and Javelin Parts


"Pride of Kenosha"
Automotive Fine Art of Artist Michael Irvine