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Owners X-perience Hornet AMX 1 - 10

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Hornet AMX owner 1

Rick's 1977 Hornet AMX


Hornet AMX owner 2

1977 Hornet AMX (Modified) Original: 304 AMC V8 - 904 Torqueflite - PS, PB, AC
Today: 401 AMC V8* - 727 Torqueflite, PS, 4WDiskB, AC
*See Detailed Engine and Drivetrain Sheet

Custom Pieces:
Steel Cowl Hood w/ Ram Air
Fiberglass Deck Lid Spoiler
Paint scheme
Roll Bar (hidden under Targa Band)
Relocated bumpers (no more 5 mph parts)
Battery relocated to trunk
In dash MSD Tach
Vaccuum Gauge in place of Clock that never worked!
Factory Shifter modified for Neutral lockout
Modified Aluminum intake, no ex. Xover, Vented Plenum
Custom Oilpan

AMC 401
401 0.030 over
Speed Pro forged pistons, machined for 0.040 quench and 10.6:1 compression
Milodon Rod bolts
comp cams magnum 292
comp cams double springs
Steel retainers/hardened locks
Modified R4B Intake
Holley 780CFM
Custom oiling system
7 quart pan
Blueprinted oil pump
Dog leg port large chamber heads with 7/16 screw in studs, ported, bowl work, flow 245in. 190ex. @ inch lift, Scorpion Roller rockers
Hedman Headers, 3" Exhaust, 3" super turbos, over the axle out the back
MSD Ignition
MSD Coil
Flowcooler water pump

Drivetrain 727 Torqueflite B&M Transkit GER 2800 stall converter
High capacity cooler (behind front air dam)
Driveshaft Safety loop
Ford 9in 3.25:1 Ratio Posi

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"Pride of Kenosha"
Automotive Fine Art of Artist Michael Irvine