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Angela and her Pink 1968 AMX

1968 September delight Angela Dorian reigns as the premier gatefold girl of the past twelvemonth.

The beautiful Angela Dorian.

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She was Playmate of the Month in September, 1967. She became Playmate of the Year in May, 1968. Along with the many other prizes that goes with the title of Playmate of the Year she was awarded this pink 1968 AMX. It's a 290 car with mag-style wheel covers and avery special dash plaque that was engraved with her measurements, 36-21-35. Angela still owns her AMX today.

As Frank Sinatra might have sung, it was a very good year for gatefold girls. Still, when the time came to select the winner from the past dozen, the multi-talented and stunningly structured Angela Dorian made September the issue to remember. So turned on were we by Angela that we needed no tie-breaking assistance from Playboy's readers (a write-in contest evoked in 1963, 1965 and 1967). Even so, our unanimous accolade only echoed the many unsolicited letters that rated TV actress Angela number one in the Playmate pantheon. "Quite a few of the letters were from guys stationed in Viet Nam," she told us. "I only wish I could visit them and thank each one personally. I may be too much of a pacifist to accept thereasons why they're fighting, but I'm too much of a woman not to want to help boost their morale."

Angela has had hardly an idle moment since her September unveiling. In addition to extra curricular endeavors (writing poetry, dancing, composing songs and doing pen sketches), she has recently helped her cinematic career by completing a featured role in Roman Polanski's suspense thriller Rosemary'sBaby, starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes. It's the start of a seven year contract with Paramount Pictures, calling for two films a year. "It's nonexclusive," Angela is quick to state. "I want to be available whenever a goodscript comes along." She has also added to her two-dozen-plus small-screen appearances by playing Florence of Arabia, a bejeweled belly dancer who undulated on the set too late to save the now-sunk Batman series. "I'm glad I had the chance, though. It's not often a job is that much fun. We ad-libbed most of it and had a ball."


The day we called to tell Angela abouther being chosen Playmate of the Year and about the far-from-fringe benefits that go withit, we found her done in by an attack of laryngitis and undone by the theft of her sportscar. We were doubly pleased, therefore, to let her know that leading off her list of prize booty was a new AMX sports car from American Motors, fully equipped and colored what else?--Playmate Pink. At first there was no response from the usually articulate Angela. Then, with the laryngitis lowering her velvet voice a few sexy octaves, she said: "You must be putting me on!" We assured her that nothing could be further from the facts and proved it by announcing some of her other regal rewards: a sparkling gold and diamond Lady Hamilton wrist watch, a lingerie wardrobe from Exquisite Form, a collection of Renauld International sunglasses, a 14-kt.-gold Rabbit Pin with ruby eye from Maria Vogt (NewYork). By the time we reached the Playmate Pink Suzuki motorcycle, we were talking to a true believer. "It's too much," she said. "It's wild enough just being selected; but all this. . . ."

We'd only begun. For a girl who lives in a world of music, constantly tuned in to either radio or records, there is a record library culled from the current crop of Capitol, Cadet and Mercury LPs that she can play on a custom stereo set with speakers from Channel Marketing. For auto audio, she can lend an ear to an AM/FM tuner cartridge from G. W. Electronics that fits neatly into her car stereo tape player. Angela, a "good cook" and, if she says so herself, "a more than fair hostess," can hypo her home entertaining with coffee urn, toaster and broiler rotisserie from Toastmaster. And she'll have more than enough bubbly to toast the occasion with a case of Paul Masson brutchampagne-pink, of course. For after party relaxation, where better than in the comfort of a Burris recliner chair of Playmate Pink velvet?

Aiding her artistic avocation will be a portable electric typewriter from Smith Corona ("Now maybe I can put my poetry in shape for a publisher to look at"), a studio of art materials from Grumbacher Artists' Material Co., a Yamaha deluxe guitar and a Sony cassette Tape recorder to give her plenty of practice before taking up the offer of a crack at a recording contract with Monument Records ("It's a great opportunity to not only sing but compose as well"). And she can focus in on a Minox camera and an Auto-Pak Super 8mm movie camera from Minolta.

To satisfy the need for athletics, the lady can travel via Schwinn ten-speed bicycle painted pink to match her other modes of transportation. There are bowling gear and custom billiard cue with monogrammed case from Brunswick, Hart snow skis, Henke ski boots and ski poles from Peter Kennedy. For underwater explorations: snorkel, mask, fins, spear gun and knife, a calypso marriage jacket, all from U. S. Divers, and a Swimmaster scuba tank from W. J. Voit. A set of Jantzen swimsuits are perfect for sand or surf or trying out her pair of Voit water skis. Away from things aquatic, she'll enjoy a Spalding tennis racket with cover and press, plus a lifetime supply of Sea & Ski suntan lotion (which may total an amazing amount for sun-worshipping Angeleno Angela).

Her new wardrobe includes a cocktail ensemble in Playmate Pink from -The Clothes House, with shops in Beloit, Wisconsin, and at the new Playboy Club Hotel at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. For casual occasions, she'll sport attire from Mr. Raphael and slack outfits from Levi Strauss. On the slopes, Angela can warm up with ski duds by Ernst Engel, Inc., a ski jacket of, appropriately enough, rabbit fur, from Alper Furs (Chicago) and a Playmate Ski Sweater from Playboy Products. Also from Playboy, a Playmate Gold Charm Bracelet and Playmate Perfume. She can don a human hair-fall from Kayko Products; and a lifetime supply of Dep foam hair set will keep every genuine hair in place.

Between movie and TV assignments, Angela will take part in a nationwide tour, meeting keyholders in PlayboyClub cities. "I can't wait. Seeing that much of the country will be a new experience for me, not only as an actress but as a person. And I'll get to visit St. Louis. I don't know why--I've never been there--but I have this thing about St. Louis. And I'll meet lots of people, which is fine with me. I'm an inveterate 'people watcher.' No doubt; but as far as the delightful Miss Dorian is concerned, the view from the people's vantage has got to be much more rewarding.

If you'd like to see more of Angela, she has appeared in episodes of Bonanza, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Perry Mason, Run For Your Life, Big Valley, and Hogan's Heroes. On the Big Screen Angela made her film debut in 1967 co-starring in "Chuka", a western featuring Rod Taylor and Ernest Borgnine. You can also see her in "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth." 1971, "Rosemary's Baby" 1968, and in "Invasion of the Bee Girls" 1973. Angela is also known as Victoria Vetri.

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