View Full Version : 6 cylinder Javelin to a 360 V8

The PIG Smith
10-26-2007, 05:01 AM
I know where there is a 1972 Javelin SST that is powered by a 232 I6 and 3 speed manual with a floor shifter.

With my large collection of a FSJ parts, I have a couple of spare 360 motors around.
I was think, how nice one of my 360 backed by a T5 five speed manual would be.
My questions: Are V8 engine mounts hard to source?
Is the front suspension different for I6 cars than V8 cars?

I know on FSJ, the radiator and radiator core support are different between I6 and V8 rigs.
Also, the fuel line comes in the engine bay on the other side.

What little differences would a person run into for making a swap like this?

I am told that this is a SST and is an A/C car.
But, being a I6 car, what creature comforts will this car not have when compared to a full loaded Javelin?

11-10-2007, 11:18 AM
You can contact the guy at jeeps4ever@yahoo.com He makes motor mounts, that use the 6cyl cross member. You might be well to ask about what problems retaining the 6 cyl cross member, might cause. Such as starter clearence etc. I think the name of his company is bulltear or something close.