View Full Version : AMC EFI Recommendations?

02-27-2008, 08:27 PM
Does anyone have any experience, preferences, likes and/or dislikes with any of these AMC EFI systems?

Affordable Fuel Injection:

Edelbrock Fuel Injection:

http://www.fuelairspark.com/WhatsNew/Files/fastez-efiselftuningfuelinjectionsystemwith4150throttlebo dy.pdf

Howell Fuel Injection:

Mass-Flo Fuel Injection:

Professional Products EFI System:

Retrotek EFI:

Here's the vehicle I have:
1974 AMX, loaded
Non-emissions 360 w/Ram Air Systems Cold Air & Trendsetters
727 Torque Command
Stock Gearing (either 3.15 or 3.54, not sure)

Additional Mods I Will Be Making:
Sig Erson TQ20 cam
Aftermarket aluminum intake manifold (included with Edelbrock)
Aftermarket distributor (included with Edelbrock). I already have a Proform HEI conversion distributor (brand new, never installed)
Eventually, a stroker crank with 9.5:1 pistons, mild porting/polishing to heads w/valve job, balance & blueprint to AMC specs and a mechanical 700R4.

Here's How The Car Will Be used:
Long trips to high altitude areas
City/highway driving
No serious racing

Reliable starts
Better mileage
Better throttle response (regardless of altitude)
More Power
Good after purchase tech support
Access to replacement parts
Minimization of headaches

I have a Windows XP laptop and a chassis dyno tuner nearby (unless the recommended system does not need tuning or can be done with an included stand alone computer).

Big Bad AMX
02-28-2008, 01:20 PM
I don't have any experience with FI but a club member has a 69 Javelin with a 343 and has the Edelbrock kit. He loves it and uses his car the same as you list how you'll be using yours. This is in the Denver, CO area and he has had no issues with altitude, at least not to my knowledge. I haven't heard any complaints about the AMC Edelbrock kit at all and if I were to put FI on my car it'd be my first choice.

Excellent cam choice btw. :) It's a timing sensitive but once dialed in I wouldn't be surprised to see an easy 25mpg with your setup.


Big Bad AMX
07-19-2008, 01:09 PM
I talked to the Javelin EFI owner at the RMAMC show about his system. Attached are some photos. He said he really likes the setup and it being a complete system (some don't include the dist.) makes the install a bit easier. Intake manifold is an AirGap. He ran the fuel and fuel return lines through the passenger side inner fender well. It's a clean setup and he has had no problems or issues with it.