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09-29-2008, 12:03 PM

As I suspected, I verified today that my rear end is a Twin Grip. I though it was strange, when I parked and stored my Javelin, that I could not rotate the rear wheel when the opposite side was still on the ground with the tranny in neutral.

I never saw a Twin Grip carrier with side bolts in a Javelin, though my 71 Service Manual does clearly show it... I am use to the 73 Manual I had long ago, where the Twin Grip carrier is a small window cast unit.

Back in the 80's I would have loved to find this, but they were hard to come by at the local AMC wrecker (Len's Auto Wrecking - San Jose, California No longer in existance)

My questions are:

Is this an aftermarket AMC used in the late 60's? My Javelin is a late 71 so I did not think a unit like this would have been installed.

Is it worth my time to remove it from the axle housing and sell it on ebay? I planned on not using the AMC 20 and already have a sweet Ford 9" setup.

The original owner said that he had the rear end rebuilt about 25,000 mi ago when I purchased the car. I noticed somewhat grey looking diff fluid when I pulled the cover. Is this normal?

I think it would be wise to have it rebuilt again anyway though he was in his late 60's when he sold it to me and I have not ran it on the streets since the 170 mile trip from his house near St. Louis.

I'll place a B&W pic here to show the carrier soon, as it shows better than color in low light conditions.


09-30-2008, 07:07 PM
from what ive found, it was an option in 71, so it probably came from the factory with that. price? who knows but new diffs are selling for around 500. im sure a resto freak would pay at least this for one in great condition. I dont know if i have it or not, but im sure if i didnt i would be more than willing to pay that for an original diff such as yours. hope that helps

10-01-2008, 05:38 AM

If your interested, I will sell it. At this time I have been asked by another guy, and am waiting on a responce. Though at the time I just had questions and was finding out things about this carrier. I gave him a good deal at $350.00 with or without housing or minimal housing (minus brake plates, line and axles). I don't think he is willing to part with his money its been 12hrs already and if he really needs it I should have had a responce last night.

All this time I had the near perfect setup and did not know (I did not bother looking for a Spicer since they are used and usually thrashed on)... Once the diff is reinforced and one piece axles are installed, It would be a lot lighter than the 9" I am to install after I finish the body. I could just kick my self for being to lazy not to check when I first noted that I had posi.

My build has a lot of rare parts (factory, and other OEM Dodge, Ford and Chevy), this would be the cats meow for me but I had already invested in my setup. I am kinda torn and like to keep it as a trophy, but what good is it just laying around (like it has been for the last 5 years). Well it has been at least a great surprise for me anyway.

Believe it or not this thing has never been raced or thrashed on. I guess thats what they all say.

Though Jeep guys say replace the through bolts during rebuild, because the stretch over time. Something like that installed on the smallest V8 and auto AMC had to offer, what's the odds on that?

I found that this carrier uses Mopar 8.75" Spicer Sure-Grip clutch plates and can be adjusted to ones performance needs. You can make it act like a spool if needed. Properly done you never need to replace the clutches unless all you do is doughnuts and 1/4 mile burnouts all the time.

Well anyway if I don't have anyone that wants it before the weekend, I am pulling it, rebuilding it, and posting the Spicer on ebay as a Jeep part. I'll put the starting price at $350 with a buy it now of $500.00. Since the thing has been rebuilt around 25K mi ago with local driving, I throw in the original clutches for personal clutch adjustment. The lowest price I have found for Mopar Performance replacement parts is $62.00 and until I measure the through bolts I'll need to get some ARP bolts to finish the job right.

10-01-2008, 03:05 PM
Well it looks like some body is getting a good deal, I sold the axle with the Spicer left inside so it is ready for axles and installation. Though not very many now need these as most have upgraded already, but a small few still need a real good carrier. I am happy that some one will get something they have been looking for. Thanks for your interest and information. Just as I get excited about finding it, I am torn on parting so soon.

10-02-2008, 04:12 PM
Hi everyone... I finally got the whole thing out today and soon will ship it out.

Just want to give some information on the Spicer locker carrier. I looked at the date code it was made 07/28/70 and had an X at the end of the serial number.

For those who do not have a 71 Technical Service Manual there is a tiny bit of information:

The 71 carrier for the 401ci engine as left hand threads.

Don't know if the 70 service manual states that for the 390ci but I wonder how many try and try to torque down and bust a few caps of the studs. He He He.

Since mine is for a 304 and 360 it should have right hand threads. Though it is pretty much the same unit as for the 401.

10-02-2008, 07:22 PM
yeah that does sound like a good deal, and im glad you found a buyer. honestly if i were in the money so to speak i probably wouldve picked it up as well, but its just not in the future for me as of right now. thanks for the offer though, and i hope everything goes well for you.

10-03-2008, 12:00 PM
Well as expected the buyer is not that interested in the deal. Once shipping costs come in he is reluctant to have it shipped.

I informed him that I will be placing the Power-Lok on ebay and thanked him for his interest.