View Full Version : supercharger head gasket part 2

01-09-2009, 04:07 PM
after many discussions with differant folks and their advice on the 'root' cause of my head gasket problems, there will be a specific race machine shop i will be working with on this matter. i have decided to go and have the heads o ringed and use a 'flat out copper head gasket. the racer/ machinist feels this animal with 15lbs of boost is trying to lift the heads right off the block by the telltale signs of combustion around the edge of the other style gaskets before they get eaten away and start a coolant leak. too much timing and not enough boost retard when building boost has been causing the cylinder pressure to be waaaay up there before it is heard or felt, even with 7 to 1 pistons in it.when getting on the pedal and my bullit straight thru race mufflers has it a bit loud to hear the begining of detonation, so he feels what time i have had this going on, the problem hasnt been addressed yet and the only way will be to dial it in on his dyno. the air / fuel ratio with be checked also thru the entire rpm scale and adjustments will be made then. these carbs { edelbrock 650 performers } were purchased new and then sent to a carb specialist to be calibraided when the blower was bought.all of this was carefully thought out and researched while building this motor so there was no shortcuts or cheap crap put in.i will be very curious to see the horse power and torque readings on this when fully tested, i will keep you people updated with the ifo...........untill then .......