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04-21-2009, 05:41 PM
Hi All: I'm looking for some info on what kind of backspacing I'd need to run some wider wheels on my 73AMX. It has the slotted 15" factory wheels which I want to store in my garage and dress the car up with some 18" or so wheels. Anybody have any numbers laying around?


WWI Flying Ace
05-11-2009, 11:31 AM
Hi Sabertooth-
I had the same question for the same type of car for the same reason.

Got the following information on this forum:

Also, when I was doing my research on what size 18's would fit, a custom wheel place told me the following information that I share below. BE ADVISED THAT I HAVE NOT YET PURCHASSED THE WHEELS OR TIRES SO I CANNOT VOUCH FOR THE TRUTH OF THE INFORMATION! I AM STILL RUNNING STOCK 14 RIMS AND T/A RADIALS RIGHT NOW! I am going with bodywork first because rust was eating the car alive, and in a year or three will get the wheels / tires I want. The information was gathered with an eye to bigger tires in the back to bring the back higher...so the sizes reflect that. You could find out about a set of 4 the same size if you were not interested in that lookLet me know what you decide and what works on your car! Good luck! Here is what was reported to me by a custom wheel shop:

18x7s w/4 backspace would be perfect. Tires were recommended to be 225/45R18 (25.9x9.1) in the front and 255/45R18s (27x10.2) on the rear. 18x9s were reported to be the widest possible for the back end, but no backspace info was given in that case.

05-12-2009, 05:37 PM
I got some great info from somebody locally here who runs 18x9 front and 20x9 rears on his AMX with 5.5" backspacing on front and rear. I saw some pics of the car and the fit looks great although I'm not so crazy about showing off tiny drums and discs through big wheels. I'm going with some 17" wheels instead.