View Full Version : supercharger headgasket woes cont.

07-03-2009, 01:41 PM
oh well, just an update on gasket problem, after shaving head again, checking deck and still using head studs, i had the motor fired up on the dyno, still got a small water leak at the edge of the block. the stainless o rings installed into the heads kept the coolant from getting into the combustion chambers, was told by the machinist to add some block sealer to seal up the small leak. this wasnt sitting too well with me. i still want to use the copper gaskets due to the fact this motor puts out 15 to 17 pounds of boost. some people use the felpro blue with no trouble but i have gone thru 3 differant kinds already. herman lewis recommends adding a 3/8ths bolt to the edge of the heads in between cylinders and will machine and set this up for me if i want....says it should cure the problem, there just isnt enough clamping done around the cylinders with the amount of stock headbolts. i wont have my present machinist do this cause all he has done for me so far is take 4 months on my motor and overcharge the piss outta me for minor work done. please everyone precheck out your :mad: machine shop before you use them and check with the bbb before doing any work, i have lost alot of time and money on a lying thief that should be locked up.will keep ya'll updated...