View Full Version : Need Javelin for TV

07-23-2009, 02:36 PM
How far would you drive for a car show to have a couple thousand people see your car? You could have 7 million people ogle your car if it's the one we are looking for.

I am looking for a stock, show quality 68-70 Javelin SST 390 to feature on the show Muscle Car, which airs on Spike TV's Powerblock. This is for the 3 minute Flashback segment, where we profile the car inside and out. The owner will need to bring the car to our studios in Nashville, TN, and the shoot lasts one day. The owner will drive the car while we shoot it. We are looking to shoot this within the next 3 months. Please email me at jhutcheson@rtmtv.com if you are interested. Serious inquiries only, please. If your car isn't stock, or it's not finished, I'm not interested. There is no payment involved, just the chance to have an experienced film crew shoot your car and have it shown on TV.