View Full Version : Transmission wiring harness?

07-07-2012, 12:24 AM
I accidentally posted this on the 68-70 section at first. I've got a 1974 javelin amx that the previous owner dropped a '71 360 into and failed to complete the swap. There is a cluster of wires in the engine compartment that comes out of the main wiring bundle that is labeled "trans wiring harness" and has a plug on he end of it. I cannot visibly see or feel any plug-in spots on the tranny that this harness would plug into. Nor can i find anything online about it. The original setup was an a998 torqueflite I believe, with the 304 motor. It now has an m11. Could the wiring harness be for the original tranny that the older m11 didn't need? If so, is there any type of conversion or anything I need to do to hook those wires up where they need to go? Or are they just pointless by now? Any help will be incredibly appreciated. Thanks!