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09-09-2015, 09:03 PM
Well, the amx has been back on the road now for about three weeks and 50 miles.Still working the gremlins out.One modification I wanted to try was installing a recurve kit in the distributor. First I started research on a new vacume canister. the best is the B28 , the same used on the fulie Corvetts. People will tell you that they can be purchased at Advance Auto or NAPA. They do not carry these anymore. Come to the rescue Rock Auto, an Airtex Company, part number, 4v1053. Price and shipping $8 dollars and change ! Great price. That was the hard part' now check with your parts store or Summit racing for the recurve kit Moroso or Mr.Gasket'or any of several companys. The kit will have the centrifical weights, an assort ment of light to heavy tension springs, and a bushing to restrict mechanical advance. Hey , pull the distributor, install pressin bushing, I used a light spring and a medium, with the new weights, and slip in the vacume canister and reinstall distributor. Instead of timing set at +/ - 1, now set at about 10 degrees initial,.and guys, always run vacume advance to the manifold vacume port. At this point took for a quick drive, very impressed on how well it pulls now on the low end. I still have some tinkering with the springs and timing, right now am well pleased. So, if your still running the stock timing and distributor give this a try, for less than $20. it isso easy. Just a thought' in our earlier years, there was always some guy always had the fasted car, just a little bit better than everone else, I'll bet this was the guy that was experimenting with timing. Hmmm maybe woodsman1953