View Full Version : Cheap auto to clutch pedal swap!

03-07-2005, 08:04 PM
Hey everybody!

I found a great way to swap your automatic brake pedal to manual clutch pedals.

They fit well and are of the same length and hight as stock. Just a nicer looking pedal than AMC.

It requires a little work but is cheap and simple. This is for you racers or those who don't care on using non-original parts.

67-69 Chevy Camero pedal setup in now curently in my AMC.

Most AMC's have a bolted in 7/8" pin to hold the automatic brake pedal.

67-69 Chevy Camero's us a 5/8" pin welded on the clutch pedal.

Another difference is that AMC's clutch rod that slips through and holds the brake is shorter than GM by 3/4". This is corrected by the flanged bushings I used, explained further.

I picked up a new setup (pads, bushings and retaining clip) for $25.00.

All I needed to install was two 7/8" outside diameter - 5/8" inside diameter bronze flanged bushings (Chucked two of the four nylon bushings), and two 1" flat washers with a 5/8" hole for the mounting clipside.

The bronze bushings were from a local lawn mower parts guy, and have a 1/2" length on from the inside face of the flange. The flange lip is about 1/8" thick. All in all, when mounted from the inside of the mounting braket pointing out they take up the extra length of the Chevy rod on the clutch. So, there is only enough room for two thin flat washers to be placed before the retaining clip... this is needed so that the clip does not rotate and work itself free.

The brake apply rod mounting hole has a slightly smaller diameter than stock but is in the same location from the pivot point and can be drilled out or in my case... I used the correct diameter hardware with a steele bushing as a pivot for the brake apply rod.

The clutch assembly is basic, and can be modified to fit the AMC Z bar if using one.

I have setup mine for a special application and is not standard in any way. I just did not find cost justifcation in using correct AMC parts.

If someone wants a picture... I would gladly place one here. I just don't know if that would be making the site liable or not.