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05-17-2017, 08:54 AM
Good day everyone. I'm a life-long AMC fan, and I've only wished to be typing this message for quite a few years, for I have been without a "real" car since 2002. Growing up, we always ran AMC: Javelin, Matadors, Gremlin, Cherokee Chief, etc., so much that my dad made my mom trade in her '72 Firebird so they could get a new '73 Gremlin X! I've owned a '69 AMX and a '74 Javelin AMX. I am in and from south Louisiana, and I look forward to the new friends and resources here, as well as maybe a regional neighbor or two, plus anything I can offer. My fortune turned well as I acquired a '70 AMX 2 weeks ago by the virtue of my picture of a '70 AMX on the wall of the parts store I manage. A customer inquired about it, and soon thereafter, we were shaking hands for the car. It is totally disassembled, so I have a long quest, and more time than money; but so is the life and dream I have.