View Full Version : 74 - 73 Javelin body?

08-30-2005, 11:12 AM
Were there big differences in the bodies of the 73 & 74 javelins? I have a 74 and found a 73 parts car with a good hood and good interior parts. Will it work?

08-30-2005, 07:00 PM
73 and 74 are the same for bodies. This may be moved to the 71-74 javelin location on the forum

08-31-2005, 09:34 AM
I apologize, I didn't realize there was a section for 71-74. Thank you.

09-12-2005, 06:09 PM
All 71-74 Javelins have the same sheet metal in the same shape. Meaning that a 74 Hood off of a 74 Javelin will fit the 71 Javelin. AMC made minors changes to the cars mainly in the rear of the car (tail lights, grills, etc) and some to the front. The interior pieces were pretty much intechangabel between the years. You could take a Pierre Cardin interior pieces and swap them into a 71 or 72.
as a added note: I got a 74 Javelin cowl inducted head for my 71 and it bolted right on. Now the hard part is coming, I got to get the thing painted to match the rest of the car. So for now, it is sitting in the garage in bubble wrap.

09-13-2005, 05:36 PM
Wait a minute there are some minor but critical differences... yes the 74 hoods will fit 71's but are not the same. 71 and early 72 have fine thread studs and later have coarse threads. You can have a machinist weld in some fine threads but there is a noticeable difference between a true 71 cowl induction hood than the 74 cowl induction hood when viewed from engine side. If you are to point out information please be considerate to the details. 73 and 74 are the same on 98% of all parts but wiring, steering wheel, heater control valve to name a few. 71 and 72 are similar to but also do not share the same stuff... like the rear lenses, grill, door strikers, auto tranny, power steering, interior door handles (71 & 72 differ from 73 & 74) and instrument switch overlay. I point this out since it is obvious for any AMCer to notice. Since any Javelin and AMX along with most 60's AMC's are a rare breed... it's a shame that most will not take the time in the details in a proper restore. Most restored AMC's I come across on the road are like in comparing a Shelby GT 350 Mustang restored with standard Mustang parts... it's that obvious and I don't know Mustangs. Well anyway the 71 is almost a separate car like the 70 AMX is to the rest of the 60's AMX family. 72 is closer to the later... and if you want to get picky there is the 73 1/2 which is only noticeable when the hood is open. I see a lot of the restored 73 1/2's without vacuum air temp overrides. I guess the world will never realize that the Javelin and AMX are rare with in the there respective family too... they treat them as if are not and who is to notice since appearances from a distance what most see anyway.

09-16-2005, 04:02 PM
Not to forget the oblivious things, I was just talking mainly about the sheetmetal on the cars. Yes there are some things that are different, but I thought that the question asked dealt mainly with the sheet metal on the cars. As far as the hoods are concerned, someone must have welded in the fine threaded studs. My 71 is as stock as I could keep it, parts dependent. Yes there are things on the car that came off 73 and 74 cars, but not any sheet metal parts. I am also running a 401 with the torque flite tranny and the main reason for that of ease of finding parts for the tranny. The other reason is that you cannot really update a BW with shift kits and have them last any amount of time. So yes, I am very much aware of the differences between the years on the Javelins and 68-70 AMX's. I do apologize to anyone who thought that I was in error, but again I was talking mainly of sheet metal and some of the slight differences of the front end grille and the rear end lights. Thats it!!!