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10-23-2005, 05:56 PM
Ok, first time I've posted anywhere.. While at a rural farm fixing a combine, saw a 71 AMX 401.. It's an ugly green with the black hood stripe.. Current owner bought it in '73 with 40,000 miles current mileage unknown.. I know this is worth something , and didn't want to give this guy a clue that I wanted it.. It appears to be in great shape , no rust thru , no crunched panels.. I'm a chevy guy now , the wife told me if I got this car I'd have to paint it red.. The owner said its fast as hell but he hasn't driven it since his second wife left.. Lookin' for some info on production #'s rarity etc.. No I won't tell you where it is unless I can't afford it.. Thats for the info and keep the sarcasims..

10-24-2005, 04:10 PM
I currently have a 71 Javelin SST with the 401 (my option) in it. I have owned the car for over 25 years and have some knowledge in the cars. AMC made 17,000 Javelin SST's, 2000 Base Javelin, with the remainder the AMX. My numbers are estimated and I am taking them off the top of my head. All Javelins are basically the same for the 71 model run and the SST's, AMX's and the base model are trim packages that AMC offered on the cars. The AMX trim package is second rarer as far as trim packages are concerned with the base model being more rare. Totals for the 71 year was 26,000 vehicles
To give you an idea on value of the car, my 71 SST came in around 8500.00 2 years ago and I have made improvements to the car since. This car is just about completed as a restoration project which I started in earnest 4 years ago. There are more things that I want to do to it, but it takes money and I do spend a little on it each month.
An recent 71 or 72 Javelin went on e-bay a couple of months ago and fetched an astounding 31,000. I do not know the history of this car, but AMC cars are finally starting to catch up with the Big Three in value and appreciation although AMC has always been under appreciated as a collector car.
I had an opportunity to attend an auction back in Iowa a couple years ago and watched in total amazement as 2 AMX's (69) and a 69 Javelin SST with the mod pak go for over 23,000(averge price per car) and none of them ran. What made these cars unique was that none of them had more than 24,000 miles on them.

So if you are into AMC's in the Javelin and AMX lines, there are some good values if you can find them and have the patience to find the parts that are needed. The finding of the parts are not impossible, but it does require some time to find them for they can be hard to find.