View Full Version : trunk noise dampening and resto

01-08-2006, 05:44 PM
just wanted to post some pics and ideas that i used when doing some work to reduce noise coming from the trunk compartment on my '74 Javelin AMX. it really did not matter to me that the original trunk color was retained, but mostly that it sharpens up the look and also reduces some noise.

in this picture, you can see that i used some roll-on truck bed liner as a density increasng layer throughout the trunk. i rolled/brushed 5 coats on. i also repainted the air bottle and put an after market replica label on it. i did not repaint the spare tire as the original paint was still decent.



in this picture, you can see that i rebuilt the rear compartment barrier and put a thick foam barrier on the inside for sound deadening. the original barrier had basically crumbled into pieces.


in this picture, you can see that i mounted an after market replacement trunk sticker to give the underneath of the lid a nice look.