View Full Version : Gauges in late models

10-15-2004, 02:07 AM
Someone set me straight please!

In the '78-'88 models, there were two sets of gauges used. One featured a square dial on the faceplate. The other featured a round dial. It had been my previous evaluation that the square dial (speedo) was to go with the non-gauge package cars. But now, I have an '81 Spirit GT that has a square speedo/odo, and a round Tach; and the complete gauge package. The gauges are as well-installed as any I've seen, so I've no reason to believe that it was done post-market.

I'd think that maybe they were running out of one of the gauge faceplates and switched at some point, but I have seen '78 Gremlins and '85 Eagles with the same square speedo faceplates! I have an '81.

Tony sold me this car. I have no reason to doubt his word when he said that he hasn't been into the odo. Before him, Larry and some radio DJ owned it and they didn't do anything funny either. I have faith in the fact that American Motors installed a square-faced speedo and a round-faced tach in this particular Spirit. I just want to know the juicy details behind the different gauges!

Let me know your honest thoughts, please!!!
Chad in Saudi Aurora