View Full Version : 71 Javelin sst seats

05-31-2006, 12:54 PM
Where can i find seats for an 71 amc javelin sst? I'm looking for the black buckets that it came with. Mine are ripped and need to be replaced. Or is there a place that restores these seats?

06-04-2006, 05:23 PM
The bucket seats for the 71 Javelins are or can be an easy find.
All the bucket seats used from 1970 thru 1972 will fit if you want to keep the same slide rails that bolt to the floor. The seats can be refurished if you like by the local car uphostery shop or you can order new fabrics cover from Legendary Uphostery that located I think in the northeast part of the USA.
I (or we) have a 70 AMX and a 71 Javelin and have done it both ways. The 70 AMX was done with corduaroy and my wife did all of the sewing using a regular Singer sewing machine. She used a strong nylon thread and doubled stitched it. After 4 years, everything is still looking good.
The 71 Javelin, I ordered leather seat covers and had a professional upholster install them.
Cost wise: The AMX ran us about $150.00 for both seats. The Javelin ran about $700.00 for both seats (the Javelin was more expensive due to being leather).
If you have a talented wife or girlfriend, the way to go is definitely with the do it yourself route. You take the old vinyl/fabric off the old seat as carefully as possible and use it as a pattern for the new seat covers. My wife did most of the work herself and it gave us a some seats that were a little different from the those available though commerical vendors. Also according to by wife, you can sew fabric and vinyl together (as long as everything is new). And all the material is available though the local fabric store.