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Big Bad AMX
11-25-2004, 10:03 PM
New Youth Book Tells of AM's 'Important Stuff' (1969)

"How do they take those 13,000 parts and make a car out of them in five hours? The question came from young Steve Shay, son of author-photographer Art Shay. "And," Steve added, "don't tell me every little step.

"Just the important stuff, Dad."

WHAT HAPPENS IN A CAR FACTORY, like several other books, in a "What Happens. . ." series being produced by former LIFE staffer Shay, gets right to the root of-as Steve would call it - "the important stuff."

Photographed entirely at the American Motor's production facility in Kenosha, Wis., and the AM Engineering section in Detroit, the book traces the manufacture of an automobile from the raw material stage to the driven-away finished product.

"I chose American Motors for the book for a couple of reasons," Shay explained, "but basically because it is such a contiguous operation. Unlike the other major automotive manufacturers which are spread all over the country, AM is a closely knit firm."

"Also, since 'What Happens' series are books for youngsters, I wanted to tell the story of a car that identifies closely with youth. And the Javelin and AMX lines fitted particularly well in my plans."

WHAT HAPPENS IN A CAR FACTORY (ReiIIy and Lee,$3.50) is a valued addition to the libraries of elementary schools.

Anybody got one of these in their collection?