View Full Version : 71 only coolent / wiper bottle cap

08-21-2006, 01:59 PM
Hi everyone!

I have been sorting out odds and ends before I throw things away.

Found an interesting cap that at first I had thought it was off of a newer car.

I do know that in 71 there was a screw on cap but never saw one or realy looked at one.

Need to know if my cap is a real 71 coolent / wiper bottle type.

I gave some hints, since I would prefer to have someone who realy knows, explain what it should look like first.

Note: The cap I got does screw down on 71 bottles ( I know because I have both a vacuum and electric pump types) and snaps on 72 on up bottles but not very tight. All the other caps I see are a flip top with a bleed pin on top.


09-05-2006, 08:53 AM
I am not aware of AMC having screw on caps for the windshield washer reserviors. My 71 I have had for over 26 years and it came with the stock reservior on a snap type of cap for the bottle. I am not aware of any models that was offered for 71 that came with the screw on caps, seeing only the pop on caps. The only questions I would have is the reservior an AMC original or is it a replacement?? The original did have the newer AMC logo imprinted on the plastic container and was mounted on the front part of the driver's side inner fender well (Javleins). The replacement reserviors(aftermarket) do not the AMC logo imprinted on the bottles, kind of looks like a GM reservior bottle which I am pretty sure is all it is.

09-29-2006, 09:12 AM
I have two bottles one is the original untouched one that came with the car. I also have a new replacement and has the snap lid that was purchaced from AMC by the original owner. He wanted an electric pump type. He may have used a different cap from another car at one point.

I was told at one time by a AMC guy that the early 71's had screw on tops... this may be correct. Though the only changes I know of for early 71's is hi-compression and Javelin console lip goes under center dash (does not make since to change during production).