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11-30-2004, 11:59 PM
FOR SALE: 1971 American Motors Javelin (1 of about 7000)
Bought the all orginal car in the summer of 2002 from a Kentucky dealership, where it previously sat in an old ladies (original owner) garage since 1986.
I've been restoring the car for 2 years and this is what I've done...(I also want to point out that I bought the car in 'O'riginal condition and was pretty scary, all original parts were rebuilt and some were replaced w/ high perf parts, I HAVE ALL ORIGINAL THE ORIGINAL PARTS) EVERYTHING IS NUMBERS MATCHING

Engine: Original 304ci bored .30 over, comp aggressive cam, edelbrock performer intake manfiold w/ 550 edelbrock 4 barrel carb. Custom 2.5'' dual exhaust...sounds pretty mean.

Transmission: Total rebuild of original

Chassis: Has 127k on it and a select few parts were replaced where needed, overall it is a very solid frame w/ no rust

Paint/Body: Body was in very bad condition w/ rusted out lower quarters. Everything was redone, along with welded in new quarters, and painted Electric Blue (which was the original color of the car)

Interior: Color is navy. Only thing replaced in the interior is the seat cushion on the driver's seat, the rest looks excellent.

There is definatley a lot more stuff but too much to write. More info is available and pictures will be available soon. Email: mikes7711@hotmail.com

12-01-2004, 05:05 PM
Seeing that you have a 1971 Javelin, just something for you, and not trying to sound mean or anything. However in 1971 there were over 26,000 Javelins built. I know because I own one myself, however it's a SST which there were a shade over 17,000 of this trim feature built. The base model and the AMX model made up the balance, just that your number sounds off just a little bit. Question comes to mind, is yours a base model or AMX or SST??

12-02-2004, 05:36 PM
Yes, Don that's not being mean. You pointed it out nicely.

The production numbers can be found here:


Now if it is a base model, well with 7,105 made he's right on the money if he adds 'BASE Model' in the description. Sounds like a nice car anyone should be proud to own.

A '71 base model is very easy to spot. Not only does it have a unique vin (5 in the 6th digit), but it has a unique dash overlay. It has a silver/platinum colored overlay (no woodgrain or engine turning) that's unique to the '71 base model Javelin only amoung '71-'74 2nd generation javelins.