View Full Version : Need trim clips..HELP PLEASE!!!!!

08-26-2006, 08:51 AM
If anyone reads this please point me in the right direction....My 65 Rambler Classic is all done...She got a total restoration and I am finishing up on the trim...I'm down to the last piece that goes around the back of the roof line...all but about two clips are gone or broke from the pin that holds it to the car.I can't find any anywhere....I think it measures about 3/16 by 5/16 and is in the shape of an "H" when looking at the top of it and has a pin in the middle that attaches to the car.....The same clips are used on the trim piece that runs along the front of the hood...They have P41 99 11 and I think 44 on them,I'm not sure if those are part numbers or not...I need a couple dozen of these clips or any ideas on a different way to attach....