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11-20-2006, 01:59 AM
Greetings from Finland!

Been checking this site once in a while for years now and decided to add a few pics of my 1970 Hornet SST Red-White-Blue to your Photo Gallery. So I thought I'd mind as well put up a hello note.

Been doing AMCs for a while and so far i've had a few ('66 Ambassador, '67 Rebel, '70 Hornet (couple), '71 Hornet SST, '70 Hornet 4D, '70 Hornet SST, '79 Concord, etc.). My main interest has always been Hornets and while searching for info/parts for my first one (the one in the photo gallery) I started up a national club for AMCs. AMC Club Finland (AMCCF) webpages can be found in www.amccf.com and there's some tech info and original AMC ads there for all to see. Also a while back I collected the AMC Transmission lists since there seemed to be only a little info here and there. It's true that I haven't updated them for a while, but it seems they're still in use around the web. Also I've been an AMC-lister (www.amx-files.com) for a few years back and due to being overworked I had to stop following it, hoping I'll have time to re-register sometime next year.

My newest addition to my car family are a couple Jeeps, one for my wife and one for me to drive during the winter months. I've also acquired a 1939 Nash LaFayette which I hope to get working on by next summer. It'll most likely transform into a hotrod with 290cid hi-rev engine and a manual transmission.

Anyhow, nice board and thumbs up for the admin! :cool:


A-V Nauha
AMC Club Finland (AMCCF) Founder, Webmaster, Magazine Editor
1970 Hornet SST 360cid+TF727 (Red-White-Blue)
1986 Jeep Comanche Custom 2.5L Longbed (Turbo project, daily driver)
1987 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4.0L (Wife's toy)