View Full Version : 72 Tic/Toc Cluster

06-09-2007, 07:41 AM
I am in the final stages of a ground up resto on a 72 401 4-speed car, I had a brand new wiring harness made, and am going thru the process of wiring everything from front to rear. On the guage cluster there is a lead comming off of the back of the tach/clock, with a connector. Is this the power source for the Tach? There is no lead off of my new wiring harness, however, that could have been an oversite on the manufacturers part. If in fact this is the Tach hookup, I will be able to run a lead directly to my distributor, as I am running a GM style HEI set up. Can't seem to locate info in any of my manuals, thanks guys.