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    Default Borg Warner M-11 and M-12

    Did you know the difference between the Borg Warner M-11 (290, 343 & '70-'71 360) and M-12 (390 & 71 401) automatics?
    The M-12 is basically an M-11 with a larger clutch pack. And therefore holds one less quart of tranny fluid. Which means if you use a dipstick from an M-11 in a M-12 it'll show your a quart low on fluid when your not. Fill it to the full mark and your tranny is one quart over filled and will blow fluid out the dipstick tube.
    Put a M-12 dipstick in an M-11 and it'll show it's full when it's a quart low - not a good thing.

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    Default M11 and M12 transmissions - same pan?

    So does that mean the two transmissions share the same pan? I have a 69 AMX 390 A/T with the M12 and the pan on the car is deeper than M11 pans I have examined.

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