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    Default Cragar wheels

    Hi, I am a new member and have just purchased a 1973 Plum AMX. The car currently has a Centerline type wheel but I'd like to change them to a Cragar SS wheel. Can anyone advise of backspace needed for a 15x8 rim, front and rear? Also will a 15x7 fit on the front with disk brakes without a spacer? Lastly, does anyone know the size of the lug nuts (1/2 or 7/16 thread size?) Thankx in advance for any recommendations. Tom
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    Default Cragar Ss wheels

    I have them on my '68 AMX and if I remember correctly the backspace was 4.25". I just picked up some magnum 500's for my '72 and they are 4.25" as well. If you go on a web site like Summitt or Jegs and look up the wheels for your application it should give you that information as well.
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