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    Default 1971 Amx Hood T-stripe

    Looking for dimensions and placement measurements for hood t-stripes on 1971 amx. we are going to paint the stripes on and follow the pre-production theme of wrapping the fender stripes down towards the marker lights instead of sweeping back on the top of the fenders. Previous owner removed all remnants of old stripes and I have nothing to go by.I also have been told that the hood stripe section for the 1971 was different and had a "fadeaway" theme to it,although that is not really a big concern since it will not be factory correct anyway.I need to know some measurements ASAP as the bodyman is getting close to that point and I need to have some info for him. Also was there a small pinstripe outlining the 72-74 style? .Thanks, Steve

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    Default T Stripes On 71 Javelin AMX

    The Tstripes on the AMX (Javelin) is what I put on my SST of the same year. I had mine painted on and kind of had the same problem as far as dimenisions were concerned. What I did was to find a print ad from AMC that showed the wrap around stripe. AMC originally was going to do the wrap around but changed it at the last minute on the production cars, but by the time they had changed it, the print ads were already out. ANyway, I took a copy of the ad to the painter and he shot the paint on using the ad as a stencil. Seem to work out very well.
    There is a small stripe off to the side of the main stripe (about 1/8 inch wide) that noticed in the print ad and that was put on with using a pin striping tape. Came very well and havent had any problems with the painted version of the stripe itself.

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