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    Default Looking for a 68 - 70 Javelin

    I work with a gentleman who is trying to find a 68 -70 Javelin. He would like to find an SST 4 Spd with functional Ram Air if possible. Prefer #'s matching, he really likes the 70. If anyone has any leads please let me know. We are in Colorado.
    PS: he would like to find a #2 car. Something that doesn't need a restoration, but isn't so restored that it would cost an arm and a leg.

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    Red face Finding a Javelin

    I wish you the best of luck in finding one. Since the sister car the AMX kind of got to be the ones that were restored first. The problem here is that there were a lot (in comparsions) of Javelins made and a lot of them were used to restored the AMX's. Almost everything from the doors forward can be interchanged between the two cars. So now the Javelins (the early ones) are getting harder and harder to find. I will keep an eye out, but recently the only ones that I have seen that were for sale were either rust buckets or priced so outrageoulsy high ($23,900) for an original (no bodywork). I'm also from Colorado but I do have contacts in Iowa, Nebraska, Washington State, etc.

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    Thanks. Let me know if you hear of anything.

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    Default 1968 Javelin SSt 290 v8 All original.

    It needs some work to run. All original parts. Has AMC Mag Wheels, AM radio, Black interior, Bucket Seats, Shifter on the floor. Was very fast. All chrome and grill removed but stored. Needs TLC to be an awesome machine. Have the title. Don't want to get rid of it, but have to.

    The car belonged to my brother, who died shortly after he parked it in the garage. It ran fine when he put it there, and it's been there since.

    Anyone interested, call 610 383 4453.

    Also, e-mail

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    Default Mine

    I have one
    1969 big bad Javelin SST 390 go package group 19 big bad green and all that jazz and its all mine

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    74 Jav
    3.54 TwinGrip
    600cfm Holley
    "emission stuff" removed
    needs brake work
    needs body work
    needs cleaned up
    AC compressor leaked freon, never was fixed, needs fixed
    not really driveavle now
    needs new plugs to run, ran last year though

    *not for sale
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