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    Default Poll - What type of Racing do you prefer?

    Cast you vote and let's see what type of Racing do you prefer!

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    You didn't have a choice for Rally or anything? NASCAR sucks! It is the most simplistic form of racing there is.
    Don't even get me started on how far these "race cars" are from "stock cars".

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    Good point. And dufus me forgot the best of all - off-road racing!! Arrghhhh!
    That's what I get for being in a hurry.

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    I love it when somebody who don't know anything opens there mouth. Just about every racer outside of NASCAR wants in it and has had a so-so experience. They just cant keep up and need some schooling. NASCAR may not be what it was in its early years, but has advanced itself into the art of car management. Most all other car racing events have one particular setup and run with it until done. There is so much being done inside and outside the car that most do not see or is over shadowed by wrecks and passing. It is a sport beyond finesse; it is a whole team effort for constant change. It is funny though that some of the best in NASCAR can open a big can of “Spank” on Road & Off Road (Robby Gordon), F1 ( Jeff Gordon), Proto Type (Dale Jr, Tony Stewart) racing to name a few. I can appreciate all forms of racing, and have a good understanding of them too, but it sounds like the ones that don’t care for any one in particular is because they don’t understand or most likely have not been there. A NASCAR event is huge and is a whole day experience. No other car race has factory template bodies going at speeds up to 200MPH on some tracks. But then again watching it at home is definitely not recommended. Too many commercials and lip flapp’n know it alls.

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    The nice thing about Off-Road Racing, Drag Racing and Rallye Racing is you don't need a multi-million dollar budget to participate. You can buy a brand new full-blown off-road racing vehicle for under 10 grand (i.e. dirt bike) and drag or rallye race a daily driver.

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    Default Drag Racing

    Actually, with Drag Racing you may not even need a really fast car. With bracket racing the computer evens up things so speed isn't an issue. I've seen local guys with stock street cars turning 17, 18 and even up to 20 second quarter mile speeds enjoying themselves at the strip. In fact, I've seen these stockers win over the faster cars many times.

    I'm sure someone will tell me that the same is true for street racing. But unless your car is up to the competition, a street racer might not win very often.'77 Gremlin
    Currently drive a '77 Gremlin
    I have owned:
    '70 Mark Donohue SST Javelin; '72 Gremlin X; '73 Pierre Cardin AMX; '76 Hornet Sportabout

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    Default Drag Racing

    I know I'm biased but AMC's seem to do very well drag racing locally. Our favourite "Hyperactive Spirit" wound up in the top three at three different tracks in four weeks time. Two other local AMX's(a 69 and a 70) are around for at least the quarter finals more often than not. Between them they have a half dozen wins already this year and are always in the top ten points at more than one Maritime track.

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    Default top fuel

    If youv'e not seen a nitro funny car or dragster race in person ,I highly recomend it!!!! its an expeirence you wont soon forget. plus every NHRA ticket is a pit pass to go wander the pits at will. try that at a nascar race! ps dont forget your'e ear plugs!!!!!

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    Default greener grass

    Hey guys,
    I am new to this website but have watched racing my whole life, In the south, Alabama. Nascar has been great for us. But Have you ever seen a Isle of Man side car motorcycle race - those guy's are crazy, well over 150 with nothin' but a handle and your rear an inch off the pavement and your just ride'n - the driver has his on problems (air under tires). ****, this is a 4 wheel discussion. We have a new track (Barber Motor sports park) wich has diversified Alabama's racing scene and while nascar and cycle racing has it's own excitment, the grass is always greener on the other side, I would vote Baja 1000.
    And thats my 2cents.

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