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    Default what color head liner in 68 javelin

    I have a 68 javelin with a white interior (838-J) and dark calcutta russet (50A) paint, also the trim pieces inside the car are black. I need a new headliner and am wondering if it should be white or black also should the material be vinyl or cloth.

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    Default Headliners

    I believe that the head liners for the Javelins were the same color as the rest of the interior. So if everything else is black the headliner is black. The stock material that was used in the headliner itself is a vinyl type of material and to me personally the stuff really sucks. On our AMX (70) we ended up using a headliner cloth type of material that we glued to the existing shell. Although not stock, we are surprised that no one has really said anything about it.

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    I had to go with foam backed cloth in my '69 as well. You can get it at most large fabric stores. Just ask for headliner material. It cost about $10 to do my AMX. Oddly enough the material is a dead-ringer for the stock headliner in our '80 Eagle Wagon.


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    I talked to Eddie Stakes and followed his respond and put in black material. It turned out great, the guys at Diamond Trim did a great job on my seats and headliner.

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