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    Default Tachometer wiring

    I just got an original AMC tach from a 68 AMX. Tried hooking it up to my 68 Javelin to see if it worked. According to my wiring diagram you hook it up directly to the coil + and -. Tried that and the car wouldn't even start. Tried every combination of wiring possible and no go. Either the tach doesn't work, or I'm hooking it up wrong. I'm thinking the latter. Anybody know how to hook it up? Thanks. Update- Just went to Eddie Stakes site and found the wiring diagram. Never mind.
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    From this site's AMX Technical Information page at:

    Tachometer Wiring Diagram:

    1968 AMC Service Specifications Handbook - Javelin, Rebel, Ambassador, Rambler American. Note: As a result of being introduced in Feb. of 1968 the AMX and 390 are not covered in the 1968 booklet - use the 1969 booklet for that information.

    1969 AMC Service Specifications Handbook - Includes Rambler, Rebel, AMX, Javelin, Ambassador.

    1970 AMC Service Specifications Handbook - Covers the Hornet, Rebel, AMX, Javelin, Ambassador.

    Trend Setter Installation Instructions - Factory installation instructions for the Tadco Trendsetter "Side Winder" Sidepipes. Includes an ad of other Tadco items.

    The Service Specifications Handbooks are pocket size booklets that contain tune-up, service specifications and other technical data to include (from the 1970 TOC):
    Body Identification
    Model Numbers
    Vehicle Identification
    Model and Body Styles
    Body Specifications
    Tread Width and Wheelbase
    Emission Control Systems
    Transmissions; manual, Shift Command
    Rear Axle
    Steering - Front Suspension
    Protective Maintenance

    1968 - 1970 Production Figures
    1968-1969 AMX Engine Information
    1968-1969 AMX Tune-Up Specifications

    1970 AMX Engine Information
    1970 AMX Tune-Up Specifications

    1968 VIN
    1969 VIN
    1970 VIN

    1968 Trim Codes
    1969 Trim Codes
    1970 Trim Codes

    AMX and Javelin Wiring Diagram
    Tachometer Wiring
    AMX Bulb Chart

    Valve Cover Engine Tag Codes

    Door Glass Adjustment AMX and Javelin Series


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