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    Default Electrical issue, coil related...need help

    Hello guru's of the AMC,

    73 Javelin 304. I am in the putting back together mode and have encountered a problem. I think I have something wrong. Fried a set of points, I mean melted the plastic and smoke came from under the distributor cap! I also have no spark coming from distributor. I THINK I put the wires back the way they were, but not +. So, I have 2 wires on + side of the coil with one of them being the yellow going to the regulator and the other going to the distributor. There is one wire to the - side of the coil and it goes into the wiring harness and goes back to the firewall, it appears to be black or dark brown. Also, there seems to be a high drain on the battery. Any help???


    Maxi Blue Mike

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    hey 74 amx 401 here. ive been having the same problem with battery drain as well. ive tried regrounding everything and making a new body ground straight fromt he battery but no such luck on solving the batery drain problem. my amp meter says 0 wihle driving but if i flick on the headlights its -20 and the alternator tested out fine. it tested as charging but i drove it for 12 hours from buffalo ny to clarksville tn and i ended up with a dead battery even though i had lights all the way here. highly confusing... i have one wire running undfer the distributor cap and its brown running off of the ignition block.

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    I don't have an answer for you but here's a webpage that has the 1973 AMC Technical Service Manual posted.

    1973 AMC Technical Service Manual

    Maybe that'll help?


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