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    Default 390 Bellhousing alignment, necessary?

    I am working on rebuilding my drivetrain for my 1970 AMX 390 Go-Pack and have the bellhousing cleaned up, the flywheel has been professionally machined, the transmission is also being professionally rebuilt and the new clutch pack is on it's way here.

    In reading an old Chilton's manual for the 68-71 AMX & Javelin I read about a procedure where one is supposed to mount the bellhousing then use a dial-indicator run around where the tranny bolts on to measure the run-out from the flywheel. If the run-out is over .010 then it says to use shims between the block and bellhousing to even it out.

    Eh? Why would this be necessary if the flywheel was just machined and the bellhousing is stock? I'm just putting the same stock parts back in so do I really need to worry about this.

    Thanks in advance for any input...

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    Not necessary. If all is done as you say, just put it together.


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