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    Default HOWDY! New guy in town.

    Hi folks!

    My name is Troy, I'm in the North Seattle area.

    I'm the proud owner of a 72 SST, 304, auto, black interior?, some work ahead but its a nice start.

    I had 71 SST 16 years back for 5 years...but got sum crazy idea to sale it to pick up a 71 RS Camaro...good car and all...but I have NO idea what the heck was thinking or doing.....kinda like when I got married

    I traded a 71 Stang coupe for this car and a 73 Jav AMX, 360, auto that needs an entire roof replaced....that car will be up for sale soon....I think I got the better deal

    I will post pics as soon as I figure out why they seem to be too large at 450 X someting inches or less??

    Here is the text when I try to uplaod from my PC...its a jpg image that is 450 X 350 72 dpi....thats typical and kinda small for an online image.

    Exceeds forum quota by 113.8 KB.
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    Welcome Troy! Sounds like you got a good deal there. There's a pretty active club network up in the NW area. If you haven't hooked up with them yet you may want to. They're having their annual show in Tacoma, WA, on July 26, 2008. Could be a good parts source too.

    Cascade Rambler Club

    Classic AMX Club of Portland:

    AMC NorthWest

    I have limited attachment sizes in the forum to 800x600 and 1/2 a meg so your picture should load? But the Photo Gallery will accommodate large photos if you'd like to post pictures there.

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    Thanx BB AMX

    I'll check it out.
    ....and on the 7th day God created the AMC Javelin.

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