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    Default 71-74 Dash FACE-PLATE??

    I have removed the aluminum face plate, it had some scratches, scars and was fadded...not too mention just plain UGLY! then I removed all the sticky residue and sanded the black dash clean and smooth...polished the lense, lubricated the odomiter, cleaned up all the contacts on the the thin flexy circuit board, replaced the lamps and I hope that cleaning up the connections for that tricky Voltage Regulator Unit on the dash helps with my fuel and Temp readings...hey it worked before on my 71 SST

    Other than NOS or aftermarket ( if any ) ... has anyone ever done something different when it comes to a 'new look' to replace that horrid fadded tacky WOOD pattern on your Jav dash?

    I know some folks like stock even if its 'ugly' but only live once.

    I was at a parts store today that had some pretty cool decal/sticker material but I did not like the designs...I'll check out some other auto shops to see what they may have......BUT.....I fear that it may be too thin of material and the A/C vent option holes/lines may show through?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Are there an affordable AMX style face plates out there?
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    You could go with the prism-tape look in the AMX, check it here:

    or here:


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