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    Default True Track info?

    Hello everyone-
    I read that in addition to the special hood, the spoiler, the turned aluminum dash, and the gagues, the True-Track rear axle was also a part of the option package for 73 Javelin AMXs. I got my tranny rebuilt about 5 years ago but the car only has one drive wheel (the left). Is there any available information about the True-Track system that these cars have? I am trying to decide if I should fix the one that is on the car, or just say hell with it and put a custom rear end on it...any thoughts from my AMC brothers and sisters?

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    The posi units in AMCs were built by Dana, they are a posi unit (limited slip, not locker). If I were to replace the one in my car I'd probably go with a Detroit Soft Locker and one-piece axles. It'd be easier than swapping in another manufacturers axle, brakes, etc.


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    Thanks! I'm going to go with the one piece from the AMX Enterprises guys that you turned me on to in the other post. I can't wait! Thanks again!

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