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    Default Lost And Found???

    I don't see a forum here for information regarding past owned cars or people looking for ownership information, so I am posting this here.

    I owned a 1969 AMX back in 1972. I worked for an AMC/Dodge dealer from 1968-1974 In Savanna, Ill. called Savanna Auto Center Inc. We had sold this car new to a Dr. Piper M.D. who lived in Mt. Carroll, Ill. He traded the car for a new Corvette in 1972 and I bought the traded in AMX wholesale from the Chevy dealer.
    The car was built new as follows:
    Butternet Beige/Charcoal interior
    3.54 Twin grip
    Power steering and brakes
    I THINK AM/FM radio and tilt steering wheel
    It had an aftermarket under dash A/C unit hanging down on the passenger side

    I had the car repainted Bittersweet Orange, reupholstered the seats in a Saddle Tan, and put Orange Shag carpet in it, Hey, it was the 70s
    I added gauges to the dash in the area where the factory A/C vent could have also gone. I believe these were group 19 parts, at least they were available through the AMC factory parts.
    I also added some aluminum wheels that had a wire type/honeycomb look or such.

    I have pictures of the car from when I hasd owned it.

    I sold it in about 1974 to a guy by the name of Lonnie Hackett who was going to college in Macomb, Ill. That is the last I ever saw of it. I have no idea if it survivies today or not, but if any of this sounds familiar you can contact me for any additional questions you may have at

    My phone # is 928-277-4692 AZ.

    I do not have the V.I.N. or the dash plaque number. If this sounds like a car you own or know of and want to confirm the history let me know and I will contact the Illinois DMV to see if they still have title history on file under my name from the time I owned it. If they do then the V.I.N. could be confirmed.

    I have no interest in buying the car back. I have too many vehicles now.
    1966 Hemi Coronet
    1969 Six Pack Super Bee
    1978 Dodge Little Red Express Truck
    1978 Jeep Levis Renegade 304 Jeep
    1981 Harley Davidson Sturgis Lowrider
    and my wifes car and another truck

    I just thought that if someone owned the car now and would like some history on it I could give it to them.
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