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    Unhappy 1969 Amx electrical problems.

    Will someone please help? Problem just started. I have no dash lights or turn signals. I checked the wiring diagram for the 69 Amx. Still can't find the problem. The fuse panel is not much help all six fuses are good. The center console lights and the door switch lights still work AS DO ALL THE OTHER LIGHTS.

    Thanking you in advance.


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    do you have another light switch to test if that was the problem. I had an issue like that after I caused a short on accident with the ignition side.

    that area you are having problems with is also tied into the igntion side of the car too that branches at the fuse box if I remember right. Which was my problem. that fuse box mess was a nightmare to follow.

    my resistance wire was going bad to make it short. is your main harness under the dash warm after you have been driving?

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