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    Default 1974 AMX Dash Lights Don't Work & Wiper Only Goes One Speed

    My 1974 AMX Go Package dash lights do not work at night and the windshield wipers only work on the slow speed. What are the possible causes and solutions?

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    I have a 72' model and my dash lights only come on with the Panel/Dome switch is in the second or third position. Have you tested the switch or the bulbs? Otherwise your printed circut is not making a contact with one of the sockets. I think if one socket in the line is missing or the printed circuit is torn on the end they all go out.
    My windsheild wipers dont work at all. I have found that the switch mounted fuse was bad (6amp) and the direction change contact was melted. I dont know exactly how the 74's are but they changed the switches every year. So It could be the switch or in the motor.
    I hope this helps, or you already know all this. Good luck. If you find the problem let me know.

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