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    Default AMC '74 360 AMX A/C Not Working

    My 1974 Javelin AMX has 37,500 original miles and is equipped with factory A/C. Even though it's not been run for 30 years, it was checked out and still holds a charge without leaks! The clutch or the new belt squeals a bit so we don't use it much. However, we live in Texas and it gets really hot most of the year. So, we'd like to make it work properly.

    A few shops suggested replacing the York compressor with a new compressor, new clutch, new lines, new drier, new evaporator core and heater core. Some have said the York compressors are virtually bulletproof while others have said they need to be run at least every other day or the seals will dry out.

    Others have suggested upgrading to the Sanden rotary style compressor (Kennedy American sells a conversion kit for this). Supposedly, they are lighter, more efficient and save horsepower (although no one seems to know how much the difference in power would be).

    Regardless, I'd like to stay with R12 (if I can) instead of converting to R134-A. Even though it's more money and more difficult to get it recharged, it's supposed to run much colder during the hottest months.

    Does anyone have any recommendations as to which style compressor?
    What items should be rebuilt or replaced?
    Any vendor / equipment recommendations?

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    After rebuilding my AMXs A/C I wrote an article that is posted here:

    I can't see why you'd need to replace everything, especially if it's been sealed and you plan on staying with R12. My A/C system was intact under the dash but apart or missing under the hood, so it was open to the elements. The evap core and under dash items were not even removed let alone replaced.

    I'd try a new clutch, new service valves and have the drier rebuilt (info on where is in the article). If it still squeals or the compressor is making noise then I'd replace the compressor with another York. Personally I would not modify it with another style compressor. The hoses should be inspected and pressure checked, if they check out ok I'd stay with them.

    I stayed with R12 and still would. It's getting hard to find though and some shops won't touch the stuff anymore. Try to lock some up before you get money into it as R134 has different requirements. As for running a York system every few days to keep the seals in good condition? I run mine maybe 4-6 times a year. After four years it still works great.


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